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How Therapy Helps in Colchester and Chelmsford
Some of the areas I work with:
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anxiety, depression and stress

  • Family problems or estrangement

  • ​Starting or maintaining a relationship

  • Trauma and abuse

  • Addiction and recovery within a relationship 

  • Affairs and betrayals

  • Separation and divorce

  • Bereavement

  • Changing careers and work-related stress

  • Other issues related to family counselling or couples counselling 

How Therapy Helps


Everyone goes through periods in their life where having some extra support can really make a difference -  but knowing where to begin can sometimes be daunting.  


My therapy practice gives you a safe and discreet place where you can talk openly and freely about any issues that may be troubling you.


You may be concerned about relationship problems, family issues, work-related stress, a recent or past trauma, depression or anxiety. 

Maybe you feel you aren’t getting the most out of life and would really benefit from talking to someone. 

I bring many years of experience in working with people and organisations who find themselves in difficult or challenging situations.

Together, we can make sense of your life experiences, understand what would make a difference and work towards reaching your goals.

Our First Meeting

When we first meet, whether face to face or online, I like to spend time getting  to know you and your current life situation. We will also explore what you hope to get out of therapy.


And of course, this counselling session is also a chance for you to find out if I am the right therapist for you. It's really important that you feel comfortable and safe in the counselling environment and it can be really helpful to meet with a few different counsellors to see what works best for you.

Our Next Steps

If you would like to continue, we will discuss together the best sort of therapy for you.  


We will work together in an integrative way, which means I will draw on different therapeutic approaches to suit your needs, your personal preferences and the type of therapy you are looking for.

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